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A sword that carries many burdens and lives, once used by an expert of its kind.

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Item Description in Inventory

Saber is a Legendary sword.


Version 1[]

It can be obtained with a 100% drop chance from the Saber Expert, which can only be accessed by doing the Saber Expert Puzzle.

This sword can be upgraded lớn Saber V2, significantly better phàn nàn Saber V1.

Version 2[]

  1. Earn one million Bounty / Honor.
  2. Player must kill another player with a similar level that also has a million or more phàn nàn a million Bounty/Honor.
    There are no mastery or level requirements.

A message saying "Something weird has occurred lớn your <Saber>." will appear, if done correctly. Note that the appearance of the sword itself will not change at all and neither will the name of the 2 moves. But the moves will look different.

If the player completes all the steps but doesn't have the sword, a message saying "Something weird has happened, but you lack the required item".


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Talk lớn the Blacksmith in order lớn Upgrade.

RadioactiveMaterial 5 Scrap Metal 10 Magma Ore 10
+15% Damage


Z-Key Deadly Rush

50 Mastery

Deadly Rush V1
The user charges up, then dashes forward, damaging everything in their path.
X-Key Triple Slash

125 Mastery

Triple Slash V1
The user sends 3 air slashes in the direction of their cursor.
Z-Key Deadly Rush

50 Mastery

This move is, in theory, just V1's Z combined with V1's X. There's an area where the 2 moves combine, and once the player manage lớn land it on the enemy, will giảm giá khuyến mãi extremely high damage due lớn it being the equivalent of 2 sword moves at once.
X-Key Triple Slash

125 Mastery

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The user sends a red dragon-like projectile in the direction of their cursor, doing more damage phàn nàn its V1 counterpart.


Version 1[]

  • Good damage.
  • Decent hitbox on the attacks.
  • Obtainable as early as level 200, making it a good starter weapon.
  • Good for grinding.
  • Low mastery requirements.
  • [Z] Deadly Rush is a good full bộ extender.
  • [Z] Deadly Rush has decent travel (Better phàn nàn Saber V2).

Version 2[]

  • Extremely high damage on the Z move if it is a critical.
  • Every other weapon is (in theory) good with Saber V2, since the combos possible with it are endless, and giảm giá khuyến mãi tons of damage.
  • It is possible lớn vì thế a one-shot using just Human's V3 ability along with the Z and X move, if done right.
  • Pretty decent range on the M1 and skills.
  • Both moves drain 3 Instinct dodges from the enemy, making it possible lớn drain a total of 6 Instinct dodges.
  • Not too hard lớn obtain.
  • Low mastery requirements.

Version 1[]

  • Does not break Instinct.
  • The full bộ possible with the Z and X move has severe kết thúc lag.
  • Both moves doesn't have that big of a hitbox, making it easy lớn avoid.
  • Low click damage.
  • Below average for PvP.
  • [Z] Deadly Rush can be decently hard lớn hit.
  • Unless the player have decently good aim, often either one or two of the X move's slashes miss the target completely.
  • Still a Low travel potential compared lớn other swords such as Yama and Spikey Trident.

Version 2[]

  • Like V1, it still doesn't break Instinct.
  • Difficult lớn hit a critical hit with [Z] Deadly Rush.
  • The full bộ possible with the Z and X move still has severe kết thúc lag.
  • Lower travel potential phàn nàn Saber V1.


  • This sword was added in the 1st Update.
  • [Z] Deadly Rush is a good full bộ extender sánh always try lớn full bộ with that (for low level).
  • Due lớn its incredible damage, Saber V2 is still considered lớn be fairly decent sword in PvP in the Second Sea. However, it is recommended that the player upgrade lớn a better sword as they progress out of the Second Sea and enter the Third Sea.
  • The player should aim accurately lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi a critical hit on player's opponent (V2).
  • V2's [Z] Deadly Rush, used at the perfect distance, has the highest damage out of every sword move in the game, doing over 6600 damage at max sword stats on players and over 8850 damage if upgraded (with accessories that buff sword damage).
  • This is one of the best swords for grinding, as its M1 đơn hàng high damage, with little lớn no knockback, and has a low cooldown.
  • While this sword can be great for PvP, it can only really work if the opponent is not using Instinct. As this sword doesn't have any moves that break Instinct, it's suggested lớn have another weapon equipped that can break Instinct easily.
  • Each M1 attack does more phàn nàn the last (Example: 1700 base damage -> 2350 damage by the fourth swing).
  • It is recommended lớn bounty hunt with Ice or Dark along with this, the player can pull enemies with Dark X move lớn the critical Z attack range.
  • The Saber's handguard model cuts into the hilt.
  • Saber v2 Z is Saber v1 Z + X combined.
  • Saber V2 is considered lớn be the best sword for Sea Beast hunting due lớn it being able lớn hit Sea Beasts with both skills while also having huge damage and low cooldown.


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