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Account executive is a role in sales, advertising, marketing, and finance involving intimate understanding of a client company's objectives and products and a professional capability đồ sộ provide effective advice toward creation of successful promotional activities and strategies.[1] The trương mục executive directly works with, and provides services đồ sộ, one or more delegate officers or executives of the client company.

Marketing and advertising industries[edit]

In the marketing and advertising industries, trương mục executives are typically responsible for client servicing and client acquisition. The trương mục executive serves as the direct liên kết between the advertising agency or financial service company and the existing client, managing day-to-day affairs and ensuring customer satisfaction. The trương mục executive is also tasked with bringing more clients into the agency đồ sộ increase revenue. The trương mục executive will typically have 1 or 2 assistants and reports đồ sộ the respective trương mục supervisor/manager[2] and/or đồ sộ the client service director/account director. This depends on the country and on the trương mục (s)he is working for.

IT organizations[edit]

In IT organizations, an trương mục executive is a senior management role, responsible for executing large contracts.

Control of profit and loss is one of the main activities, together with customer alignment on a senior level. Usually, an trương mục executive has one or more trương mục managers in his/her staff, đồ sộ cover the various towers a large contract is mainly built of.[citation needed]

Account executives directly or indirectly delegate work đồ sộ project managers or similar team members who then direct the project management aspect.

For very large contracts, hundreds of people may be part of a larger sales and operations group involved in contract execution.

Contract life cycle[edit]

In an ideal situation, at the over of a contract life cycle, the trương mục executive and part of the staff will be involved in new contract negotiations. This could be for the same trương mục or for a new customer. Once the contract is signed, the trương mục executive and staff will be directly up đồ sộ tốc độ.

Duties and responsibilities[edit]

Account executives have many different duties and responsibilities that they have đồ sộ fulfill, such as day đồ sộ day liaising via a liên hệ method which can include gmail and telephone calls. This job role includes many different responsibilities such as:

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  • Responsible for existing trương mục management and clients communications and conflict resolution
  • Discovering client’s business needs and proposing appropriate solutions
  • Track and coordinate all activities occurring for each account
  • Preparing regular client reports and attending client meetings
  • Analyzing marketing trends and predictions and researching market conditions đồ sộ develop sales goals and marketing strategies
  • Developing plans đồ sộ target new customers
  • Developing company’s trương mục strategies, marketing strategies and promotional communication channels đồ sộ introduce and promote the products and services đồ sộ potential markets
  • Retaining existing customers [3]
  • Negotiating and closing contracts, maintain excellent client relationships, and continually build opportunity pipeline
  • Evaluating the financial aspects of business development

Working with clients[edit]

Mentioned above are a few of the duties and responsibilities in becoming an trương mục executive. One big responsibility would be đồ sộ help produce a successful chiến dịch for clients as the marketing sector could possibly need some further help. Where the role would be đồ sộ act as an important liên kết between advertising agency and the clients.[4] they will have a routine and have required tasks that they have đồ sộ complete for the clients. For example:

  • Account planners – Working with trương mục planners đồ sộ analyse the clients brief and the chosen budget
  • Meetings – Having regular meetings đồ sộ discuss the advertising needs and their requirements
  • Deadlines – Agreeing đồ sộ deadlines for specific tasks with the clients
  • Management – having đồ sộ manage accounts and different invoicing the clients

The basis of this role is đồ sộ be able đồ sộ understand the task the client has mix out. From this, they will then have đồ sộ organise the agency's creative and administrative staff in order for the client's request đồ sộ be completed đồ sộ the standard.

Required skills[edit]

Working in this field as an trương mục executive, they must have the ability đồ sộ demonstrate many skills in different areas. The skills that are required consist of the following:[5][3]

  • Motivational and excellent communication skills
  • Having the ability đồ sộ prioritize tasks as well as multitasking
  • Have a good understanding of business processes
  • Being organized
  • Taking on task independently
  • Working well in a team

These skills are a requirement when applying for a position as an trương mục executive. For example, good communication skills are needed because the employee will need đồ sộ be confident in addressing with a variety of clients. Motivational skills are required as they need đồ sộ motivate junior employees and represent the company as efficient đồ sộ the general public and the clients.[4]

In any company when working as an trương mục executive, each agency will be expecting and looking for different sets of skills from the employees. It is important that they have developed the skills. These include:[6][3]

  • Having a keen eye for detail and an understanding of budgetary constraints
  • Self-confidence and trust-building
  • Fluency of digital platforms
  • The ability đồ sộ work under pressure

When an employee has developed or enhanced their skills and built a trustworthy reputation within the company, they can then go forward and request a higher position such as trương mục director.

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