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Article by Pharmacist Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa - Faculty of Pharmacy - Vinmec Times City International Hospital

Esunvy oral tablet is a health protection product that works lớn tư vấn heat clearance, detoxify the liver, reduce acne and prevent darkening, skin care from the inside. Products have 100% raw materials imported from advanced countries, production technology meets regional standards.
The product belongs lớn the Esunvy brand, the skin care brand of Tin Phong Pharmaceutical Company. With 100% raw materials imported from advanced countries such as Europe, nhật bản, Korea, manufactured in a closed process of a factory meeting CGMP-Asean standards, with skin-friendly advantages.

1. Esunvy health protection food ingredients

One Esunvy box of 1 vial contains 30 Esunvy hard capsules with ingredients

Thành phần đồ ăn bảo đảm an toàn sức mạnh Esunvy

Thành phần với vô viên nhộng cứng Esunvy

2. Uses of Esunvy

Esunvy oral tablet is effective in:
Supports the treatment of all types of acne: whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, nodules. Reduce sebum secretion. Clear heat, detoxify and restore liver function. Restore damaged skin, reduce acne, fade dark spots, regenerate skin with better protection. Thanks lớn the combination of ingredients of Esunvy oral tablet, specifically the ingredients in the product formula have the following uses:
Milk thistle is an herbal remedy extracted from the milk thistle plant. The main active ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin, which is known for its antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Silymarin is used lớn treat diseases of hepatobiliary dysfunction, increase lactation, prevent and tư vấn cancer treatment... Milk thistle is used lớn protect the liver in people with alcoholic liver disease. , fatty liver disease, hepatitis, liver cancer. In many studies, Silymarin has been shown lớn improve liver function in people with liver disease when taken as a daily supplement.

Cao nối tiếp sữa

Cao nối tiếp sữa là một trong phương dung dịch dược thảo được triết xuất kể từ cây nối tiếp sữa

The group of herbs that clear heat-detoxify: honeysuckle, periwinkle, and radial radix have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects lượt thích a natural antibiotic. Widely used in the treatment of boils, heat rash, acne, dermatitis.
Honeysuckle: In traditional medicine, honeysuckle is considered a precious medicine, lượt thích a plant antibiotic. Honeysuckle with sweet taste, welding properties, has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, antiseptic, and often used lớn treat boils. Extracts of honeysuckle have been studied and evaluated lớn have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antibacterial, antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anti-cancer effects. In addition, honeysuckle has an inhibitory effect. Treatment of many types of bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococci, pneumococci, dysentery bacilli, pertussis bacilli, typhoid bacilli, xanh xao pus bacilli, and some fungi and influenza viruses. In particular, honeysuckle also has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces secretions, clears heat and increases the phagocytic effect of white blood cells. Thanks lớn that, honeysuckle helps reduce inflammation and swelling of acne quickly. Lien Kieu: According lớn the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lien Kieu has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. According lớn the results of modern pharmacological research, Lien Kieu has wide antibacterial effects: Phenol Lien Kieu has the effect of inhibiting many types of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococci, pneumococci, bacilli, etc. typhoid, tuberculosis, whooping cough, diphtheria, leptospira, hebdomadis, influenza virus, rhinovirus, fungus, lớn varying degrees. Lien Kieu has anti-inflammatory effect: localizes the inflammatory state without affecting cell growth, ví the ancients called Lien Kieu as a "panacea", increasing the phagocytic effect of white blood cells. Radial lotus: According lớn the taste recorded in traditional medicine documents, this plant has a bitter taste, a welding property, has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, emphysema, and pain relief. In the treatment of acne, radial tương tác is considered a natural antibiotic that helps antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and effectively reduces acne. In particular, inter-radiation has been quite familiar lớn people with the effect of reducing symptoms during the recent COVID-19 epidemics. Many studies have shown that radial interstitium has anti-inflammatory effects by increasing leukocyte activity and acting through adrenocortical hormones. In addition, radial lotus also demonstrates antibacterial effects against many microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, and also has antipyretic effects. In several animal studies, radial intermedia exhibited hepatoprotective effects and activated many liver enzymes. This is also one of the herbs in the combination of many different herbs lớn treat liver dysfunction in Ayurvedic and Unani remedies. Zinc Gluconate and Chromium Picolinate are an important mineral duo that tư vấn metabolism, reduce sebum, and help heal skin. In a double-blind, multicenter, randomized controlled clinical study, oral zinc demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects in the treatment of acne.

Kẽm Gluconat và Crom Picolinate

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Kẽm Gluconat và Crom Picolinate là cặp đôi khoáng hóa học cần thiết tương hỗ đẩy mạnh trao thay đổi chất

Vitamin C participates in the creation of collagen and some components that trang điểm connective tissue in bones, teeth, blood vessels, increases interferon production, reduces sensitivity lớn histamine, fights stress, ví it helps increase resistance. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect, protects cell membranes from không lấy phí radicals and has a synergistic effect with Vi-Ta-Min C has a strong antioxidant effect lớn help regenerate skin cells effectively, soothe skin, soften skin. At the same time, it helps lớn protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, reducing acne, darkening. Biotin is a coenzyme in the Vitamin B group, also known as Vi-Ta-Min H or Vi-Ta-Min B7. Biotin plays a key role in the toàn thân, supporting the health of the skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism and cells. Biotin helps maintain the balance of the mucous membranes of the skin structure and plays a key role in fat metabolism, thus helping lớn balance sebum secretion and maintain healthy skin. Collagen ingredients tư vấn lớn increase elasticity, reduce roughness, wrinkles and improve skin health. With a combination of many ingredients with different uses, especially containing high nội dung of milk thistle and herbal extract, Esunvy oral tablet works lớn tư vấn purification, detoxification and improve liver function, copper It also helps control sebum secretion, reduces acne, reduces tanning, and improves skin health.

viên nốc Esunvy

Vitamin e, Vitamin C và collagen đều là những chăm sóc hóa học đảm bảo chất lượng mang đến domain authority và mức độ khỏe

3. Instructions for using Esunvy . oral tablet

Esunvy oral tablet is recommended for use in people with poor liver function or people with acne, pimples, dark spots, oily skin.
Recommended dosage: Take 2 times a day, 1 tablet / time. How lớn use it effectively
The drug is made in the size of a capsule, ví it is easy lớn take it directly. Do not drink on an empty stomach, should take the drug during or after meals for the best effect. The drug should be taken with warm water or boiled and cooled water. It is recommended lớn use the product together with Esunvy cleanser and Esunvy cream lớn tư vấn comprehensive acne treatment both internally and externally.

Viên nốc Esunvy

Viên nốc Esunvy nên được dùng cùng theo với sữa tắm rửa Esunvy và thuốc bôi Esunvy

Hope the information in the above article has helped you understand the information about the ingredients, uses and usage of Esunvy tablets To improve the effectiveness of users, please read carefully the information contained in the box or refer lớn Use opinions from qualified doctors and pharmacists.

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